Concept Note: UNITED For Health Days 2023


UNITED for Health (Universities, NGOs, Industry, The Government working collaboratively towards Expertise Development for Health) is an initiative of the University of Rwanda (UR) in collaboration with Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC). Its main objective is to strengthen the local healthcare system by facilitating synergistic collaborations between universities, care providers, NGOs, the private sector and policy makers. Specifically, the UNITED for Health initiative aims to:

  • Promote events and share opportunities on research funding, research trainings and scholarships
  • Support knowledge and technology transfer to the private sector
  • Facilitate student internships, student theses and joint research projects

These objectives are being implemented through two major program components:

  • The UNITED for Health Portal that allows for organizations in the health care sector to upload opportunities and for users of the portal to be informed about opportunities tailored to their interests. ( )
  • The UNITED for Health Days, a yearly physical exhibition event where the Who-is-Who in the health care sector presents concrete opportunities that they have on offer, with exhibition visitors coming to “shop” for opportunities.

UNITED for Health Days 2023

The UNITED for Health Days 2023 “Market of Opportunities” exhibition will take place from 9th-10th November at the University of Rwanda – College of Medicine and Health Sciences – Remera campus. The event is organized in collaboration with Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and core partners WHO, CHAI, PIH, Enabel and Zipline; and is designed to create win-win solutions for the various stakeholders in the health care sector and beyond.

Specific opportunities for exhibitors:

  • Access to well-trained students for internships and thesis work (co-supervised by UR staff)
  • Connect with academia in Rwanda to set up joint research and innovation projects
  • Connect with other actors in the health care sector in Rwanda

Specific opportunities for participants:

  • Find opportunities for internships with actors in the health sector
  • Find opportunities for thesis collaboration with actors in the health sector
  • Find training, grant and scholarship opportunities
  • Explore other areas for joint research and innovation activities

Exhibitors include all key actors in the healthcare sector:

  • NGOs
  • Embassies
  • International development organizations
  • Health care providers
  • Public institutions
  • Private sector organizations
  • UR-CMHS departments and Centers of Excellence

Visitors of the exhibition include:

  • UR-CMHS students
  • Academic staff & researchers
  • Secondary school students (final year)
  • Health professionals
  • Private sector actors
  • Health NGO staff
  • Representatives of Government institutions

Exhibition “Market of opportunities”

    • 200+ exhibitors from all stakeholders in health, including government, private sector, hospitals, NGOs and academic institutions
    • 3000+ visitors government, private sector, hospitals, NGOs and academic institutions

Main stage with an interactive agenda

  • Remarks by government representative (to be confirmed)
  • Keynote addresses by organization leaders in the sector
  • Panel discussions
  • Awards for best students’ projects on research & innovation

Official ceremony

The UNITED for Health Days 2023 are coordinated by the Center for Research and Innovation at UR-CMHS. The organizing team is composed of the UNITED for Health Initiative staff, representatives from various UR-CMHS departments, as well as core partners staff. Six work packages have been put in place to organize the event:

  • Exhibition logistics (Chair: Mr. Uwayezu Donat, Tel: +250 785 613 598 Email: )
  • Main stage activities on the UNITED for Health Days (Chair: Ms. Marie Claire Gasanganwa Tel: +250 788 459 195 Email: )
  • Promotion, Media & Website (Chair: Dushimimana Sandrine, Tel: +250785 025 085, Email: )
  • UR-CMHS preparation (Chair: Dr. Richard NDUWAYEZU Tel: +250 788 610 373 Email: )
  • Action health research (Chair: SUNDAY Francois Xavier Tel: +250 781 884 895 Email: )
  • Budget & sponsorship (Chair: Alice ISHIMWE Tel: +250 786 236 090 Email: )

The UNITED for Health portal

The UNITED for Health website ( is an Artificial Intelligence driven portal that allows organizations working in the health sector to upload opportunities in a friendly-to-use way, with customizable eligibility criteria. The portal then matches these opportunities with individual users who are searching for opportunities that meet their professional needs. Opportunities can take the form of scholarships, research trainings, clinical trainings, national and international student internships and research thesis topics, call for grants, and more; and are shared with individual users through email, the website and/or social media. Here are some key links:

  • To upload an opportunity as an organization:

  • To register as an individual user:

  • To register for the UNITED for Health Days 2023 as an organization:

  • To register for the UNITED for Health Days 2023 as an individual user:

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