the Rwanda Paediatric Association

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Organization Description

The vision of RPA is to ensure that child health remains at the forefront of the national health agenda, and that the quality of paediatric health services provided to children under 18 is of the highest international standard.

RPA’s mission is to promote quality preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative paediatric services; to enhance and disseminate evidence-based knowledge so as to improve policies and strategies for better paediatric practice. The RPA endeavors to advance child health advocacy, research, and continuous professional capacity development, in collaboration with other bodies in Rwanda, the region and beyond in addition to serving as an effective voice for its members.

Strategic Objectives
To achieve envisaged vision and mission, the following four priority areas and their corresponding objectives have been identified:

priority areas and strategic objectives of RPA
Priority area
1. Promotion of quality child/paediatric practice

1. To improve child health through advocacy and best paediatric practice

2. Enhancing Paediatric Research

2. To increase capacity for paediatric research

3. Reinforcing management of RPA

3. To set up and strengthen management capacity of the association

4. Wellbeing of Paediatricians

4. To advocate for RPA members’ social wellbeing

Values and Guiding Principles
Implementation of Rwanda Paediatric Association strategic plan takes inspiration from a set of values and guiding principles.

Members of the Rwanda Paediatric Association commit to maintaining the highest ethical standards of paediatric practice; adhering to the highest level of discipline while providing quality paediatric clinical services to their patients through a family centered approach.

Guiding Principles
Continually upgrading the practice of paediatrics and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards through education and training;
Promoting child health rights and services through education, research and advocacy as well as through the provision of accessible, efficient, affordable, comprehensive health services;
Strengthening communication between association members and strengthening their skills in leadership, management, good practice while playing a pivotal role in the development and implementation of approaches aimed at improvement of child healthcare;
Strengthening partnerships with other international professional organizations, national associations and the private sector to achieve set objectives in recognition of the importance of collaborative efforts to advance child health; and,
Emphasizing the importance of achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 and accelerating efforts in the area of child health to achieve particularly child related millennium targets.