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Public Engagement with Research describes the many ways that members of the public can be involved in the design, conduct and dissemination of research.

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Support for researchers

We support our researchers by providing guidance on ethics and governance, funding projects, working with partners, and commercial developments

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Using research to engage

Whatever is the type or topic of research, engagement is a fundamental aspect. Every researcher wants to have responses to their research.

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Science and Scientific Research

It involves continually moving back and forth between theory and observations. Both theory and observations are essential components of scientific research.

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Welcome to Research Directorate

Created on 10th September 2013 with an objective to be a research led university with national, regional and global impact, the University of Rwanda (UR) envisions being an academically excellent research led institution that is locally relevant and internationally recognized. Its mission is to become a world class university empowering national economic and social transformation through active participation in the global knowledge economy. The newly established University of Rwanda realizes that it is essential to Build staff research capacity, create an enabling environment for research.

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About Publications Group

Welcome to UR Research Directorate . We publish journals and books for the academic sector. All students pursuing their post-graduate or Ph.D and are required by their institutions to publish their articles can do so.

Our journal system has been made primarily for the purpose of making open access publishing a viable option for more journals, as open access can increase a journal’s readership as well as its contribution to the public good on a global scale.

To host your journal with our platform, go to our Join Researcher. For any questions regards the use of the website, please do not hesitate to write to us via the details provided on our contacts page.

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Community based sociotherapy for depressive symptomatology of Congolese refugees in Rwanda and Uganda (CoSTAR): a protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Daniel M. Kagaboa, Paul Bangiranab, Girvan Burnsidec, Anna Chiumentod, Rui Duartec, Darius Gishomaa,Michelle Girvanc, Angela Jansend, Stefan Jansene, Rosco Kasujjaf, Rachel Lubungaf, Sarah Nevittc,Lucie Nzarambad, Emmanuel Sarabwed, Clare Jacksonc, Atif Rahmang, Annemiek Richtersd, Jude Robinsonh,Theoneste Rutayisirea, Peter Ventevogeliand Ross G. White

Prevalence and associated factors of depression and anxiety among patients with cancer seeking treatment at the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence in Rwanda

Samuel Habimana1,2*†, Emmanuel Biracyaza2,3*†,Tharcisse Mpunga4, Epaphrodite Nsabimana5, Florence Kayitesi6,Pascal Nzamwita6and Stefan Jansen7

Evaluating the impact of Community-Based Sociotherapy on social dignity in post-genocide Rwanda: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Stefan Jansen1, Japhet Niyonsenga1,2* , Chantal Marie Ingabire3, Angela Jansen3, Emmanuel Nzabonimpa3, Noella Ingabire4, Jeannette Kangabe5, Emmanuel Sarabwe3, Annemiek Richters3, Theoneste Rutayisire3 and Epaphrodite Nsabimana1